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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Australian Made Dining Table

Have you decided to invest in the perfect dining table as the centrepiece of your kitchen or dining space? One that will last for years to come and play host to many memorable occasions with family and friends? If so, then Rowes Furniture in Darling Downs offers a range of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from. But how to make the right decision? Our knowledgeable and experienced team are here to help you and has compiled a quick guide on our Australian made dining tables. If you need to, you can always contact us for personalised advice.

Match Your Interior Décor

Consider what kind of style and size will fit with your current interior décor and the space you have to play with. Is your home traditional in style, or more modern? Our Australian made dining tables are available in all shapes, sizes and designs, so we are sure to have something for you that will fit perfectly in your kitchen or dining room.

How Will You Use It?

Think about how you will use your dining table.

  • Will you regularly host large dinner parties or have extended family come to stay?
  • Will your dining table be the place where you work from home, or do important life admin?
  • Do you want it to dominate the space or leave room for other features and furniture?

The answers to these questions will inform what kind of dining table you choose.

Ask the Rowes Team

If you still need clarification, ask the Rowes team about our Australian made dining tables and we will be here to help you choose. We aim to ensure you get a table that is perfect for your space and that you will enjoy for years to come.

Contact Rowes Furniture today to learn more about our extensive range of dining tables made here in Australia. You can contact us online or call us on 07 4631 8888.

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