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Australian-Made Sofas for Your Modern Darling Downs Home

Australian-made furniture plays a large role in providing a modern aesthetic for your home. If you’re searching for the perfect sofa to create a stylish look, Rowes Furniture has over 120 years of experience and an extensive selection to browse through. In this article, we outline how Australian-made sofas can help create a modern look for your home and explain why you should choose us. If you live in Darling Downs, contact our friendly team today.

Australian-Made Sofas

Australian-made sofas are an excellent option for bringing a modern style to your home. A sofa made with locally sourced materials and designed by Australian manufacturers has a unique aesthetic that lends itself to the Australian experience. Local products like timber, leather and metalwork can give your sofa a charming style that reflects the modern Australian style.

Leather Recliner Lounge

If you want to maximise the comfort of your living room, a leather recliner lounge can provide you with a place for stylish relaxation. You can choose from our wide variety of recliners, all of which offer the maximum level of comfort with different aesthetics to suit your tastes.

Recliner Rocking chair

If you live with chronic back pain, or injuries or are just in the market for a supremely comfortable plush chair, then you might be interested in a recliner rocking chair. Not only are these chairs immensely comfortable, they can offer a range of health benefits, such as:

  • Helping to reduce stress
  • Improving your blood circulation
  • Alleviating acute or chronic back pain
  • Providing relief for joint pressure
  • Improving mobility and independent movement

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been providing an extensive catalogue of Australian-made sofas, chairs and recliners to the Darling Downs region for over 120 years. We pride ourselves on selling the highest-quality furniture at the most competitive prices and are passionate about giving back to our local community.

f you want to create a modern style for your home with Australian-made sofas, chairs and recliners, Rowes Furniture can help. Contact us online today for a quote.

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