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Coordinate Your Mattress and Wooden Bed Frame Darling Downs

Your bedroom needs to be the most peaceful space in your home, and creating a harmonious look can help maximize your comfort. The friendly team at Rowes Furniture has over 120 years of experience matching mattresses with wooden bed frames to create a stylish aesthetic for your bedroom. In this article, we explore some of the different factors to consider when matching your mattress and bed frame. Contact us online today and explore our extensive range.

Matching Your Mattress and Wooden Bed Frame

It’s important to match up the size of your mattress with your wooden bed frame to achieve an attractive aesthetic and a comfortable sleep. There are a variety of factors you need to consider if you want to achieve this.

Choose the Correct Size Mattress

It’s important for you to select the correct size mattress for your bed frame. While a queen bed mattress will fit on a king-size bed frame, it will move around a lot when you sleep. A smaller size, like a double bed mattress, or a single bed mattress, will also cause the bed frame to poke out further, which may cause you to knock into it and hurt yourself.

Measure Your Bedroom

Before purchasing a bed frame and mattress, you need to make sure they will fit your bedroom. The standard dimensions of a king bed mattress are 183cm x 203cm, so keep in mind that a wooden bed frame will be considerably larger than this. 

Coordinate Your Style

Timber is one of the most durable styles of bed frame on the market while being aesthetically attractive. They come in many shapes and styles that can set a specific style. Examples include:

  • Pine - light colour, affordable, lighter wood and suitable for a single bed mattress, double bed mattress or queen bed mattress.
  • Chestnut - light-medium colour, sturdy and suitable for a king bed mattress or queen bed mattress, double bed mattress or single bed mattress.
  • Tasmanian Oak - light colour with black inlay, stylish, lighter, affordable and ideal for a king bed mattress, queen bed mattress, double bed mattress or single bed mattress.

Choosing the right mattress and wooden bed frame is important for creating a comfortable and stylish aesthetic in your bedroom. If you live in Darling Downs, give the team at Rowes Furniture a call, or contact us online today.

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