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Creating a Relaxing Space with Rowes Bed Frames and Mattresses

Creating a relaxing bedroom space starts with your choice of bed frame and mattress. Rowes Furniture in Darling Downs offers a comprehensive range, whether you want a wooden bed or any sized bed mattress. Whatever you are looking for, we have high-quality, competitively priced options to suit your needs. So read on for more information, visit us in person or give our team a call for personalised customer service.

Wooden Bed Frames

A wooden bed frame is a great way to add a traditional, timeless style to any bedroom and create a relaxing space for restful sleep. Rowes Furniture stocks a huge range of high-quality options at incredible prices. These frames offer a robust build that will support a good mattress for many years whilst also delivering aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for the perfect bed frame, feel free to get in touch with our team for guidance and we’ll take you through our collection.

The Perfect Mattress

Rowes Furniture stocks mattresses in every size, including:

  • king bed mattress
  • queen bed mattress
  • double bed mattress
  • single bed mattress 

Whether you are furnishing a child’s bedroom or want to find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for your bedroom, we have the right mattress or wooden bed frame for you.

Invest in Your Sleep

To truly relax, you need to invest in your sleep by getting the right mattress. As most people only buy a new mattress around once a decade, it’s vital you make an informed decision so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep for the next ten years. The team at Rowes Furniture can advise you on the mattress that’s right for you, so give us a call and we will be happy to help.

With quality bed frames and mattresses from Rowes Furniture, you can create a bedroom that helps you relax. Contact our team online today to get the advice and guidance you need. Alternatively, you can call us on 07 4631 8888.

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