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Different Types of Recliner Chairs in the Darling Downs

Recliner chairs can maximise comfort in your lounge space as well as offer essential support for those with mobility issues. The technology behind recliner chairs has advanced over the years. From lever handle recliners to the La Z Boy chair and other lift chairs with electric motors, there’s a huge variety available today. Below, we look at some different types of recliner chairs including some of the products we supply here at Rowes Furniture in the Darling Downs. 

Lever Handle Recliner

The traditional lever handle recliner is a classic and what comes to mind when most people think of recliners. It features a wooden or plastic handle that when pulled, triggers the reclining mechanism. A built-in footrest rises up while the back leans down into a reclined position. While light on features, it does the job helping you relax while being budget friendly. 

Recliner Rocking Chair

A recliner rocking chair rocks when it isn't in the reclined position. These recliners can have multiple body designs and handle type but are all built around that ability to rock and recline. It’s perfect if you like to rock back and forth when reading or chatting while also wanting the option to stretch out and relax.

Lift Chairs

Designed to assist the elderly and those with mobility issues, lift chairs feature electric motors that lift the chair up from a seated to standing position. With a lift chair, you can enjoy kicking back and relaxing in full comfort without having to worry about any difficulties getting in and out of the chair. 

La Z Boy Chair

La Z Boy offers a range of modern, highly innovative recliners. This includes everything from an individual reclining rocking chair right through to a leather recliner lounge with electric motors. Enjoy ultimate luxury with power reclining capabilities across up to 3 seats.

Quality Recliners in the Darling Downs

At Rowes Furniture, we offer a variety of recliners and are exclusive suppliers of La Z Boy in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region. If you’re in the market for a leather recliner lounge or any other recliner or lift chair, visit our store or contact us for more information.

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