Australian-made dining chairs

Enhance Your Meals: Australian-Made Dining Chairs and Tables

Sitting down for dinner can be an extremely comfortable and relaxing experience if you have the right furniture. With over 120 years of experience, Rowes Furniture has been providing Darling Downs with the widest range of Australian-made dining chairs and tables at the most competitive prices. In this article, we explain the many benefits of choosing to purchase Australian-made dining tables and chairs. Contact one of our friendly team members today and browse our extensive catalogue of Australian-made products.

Why Choose Australian-Made?

There are many positive effects in purchasing Australian-made dining tables and chairs can have on your dining experience and your community.

A Uniquely Australian Aesthetic

Australian-made dining tables and chairs made with local materials and designed by local manufacturers inherently have a uniquely Australian aesthetic. Leather, timber and metalwork sourced from Australia can provide your home with a natural style that reflects your environment and community.

High Safety and Quality Standards

All products manufactured in Australia are subject to rigorous safety standards. This results in the high-quality comfort and durability of Australian-made dining chairs and tables. Sitting down to dinner at comfortable, sturdy chairs and tables can transform the act of eating dinner into an enjoyable experience.

Good for the Local Economy

When you choose to buy Australian-made dining chairs and tables, you support the many industries involved in their manufacture, such as carpenters, leather-workers, warehouse operators and transporters. We proudly support Australian workers, with over 120 years of championing Australian-made furniture.

An Eco-Friendly Option

 Purchasing an Australian-made dining set can reduce your environmental impact by reducing the emissions caused by long-distance freighting and the waste caused by excessive packaging.

Faster Delivery Time.

When you purchase an Australian-made dining set, you can wait far less time for your delivery to arrive. 

If you want to discover all the benefits of purchasing Australian-made dining chairs and tables, the team at Rowes Furniture can help. If you live in Darling Downs, contact us online today and explore our extensive range of locally made furniture.

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