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Mattress Size Guide for Homes in the Darling Downs

Australia has a unique set of mattress sizes distinct from other countries. With a vast array of size options, however, you can find everything you need to accommodate different sleeping situations, from newborns to couples looking for space and luxury. At Rowes Furniture, we provide everything from quality wooden bed frame sets to mattresses in a range of sizes. 

Summary of Standard Australian Bed Sizes

Standard mattress sizes in Australia are as follows:

  • Cot (Baby) Mattress: 69 cm x 130 cm
  • Single: 92 cm x 188 cm
  • Long Single: 92 cm x 203 cm
  • King Single: 107 cm x 203 cm
  • Double: 38 cm x 188 cm
  • Queen: 153 cm x 203 cm
  • King: 183 cm x 203 cm
  • Super King: 203 cm x 203 cm

Most mattresses are between 25 and 36 cm high. Most bed frames and bases will be the same size as the mattress, but some can be slightly wider and longer.

Single Mattresses

A standard Australian single size mattress is 188 cm long and 92 cm wide. They are most commonly used for toddlers, children and young teenagers. Most adults could also use a single size bed, if necessary, with around 3% of Australians doing so. 

Other options include a long single, which is the same width but offers a length of 203 cm, and a king single which is 203 cm long and 107 cm wide. Two long singles placed together make up a king size mattress. This can provide an adjustable mattress set up.

Double Mattress

An Australian double mattress is 188 cm long and 138 cm wide. Commonly used across Australia, approximately 10% of adults sleep on a double mattress each night. This versatile and practical bed size can accommodate up to two adults and is commonly used for children and teenagers.

Queen Bed Mattress

An Australian queen size mattress is 203 cm long and 153 cm wide. Comfortably sleeping two adults, the queen bed mattress is by far the most common option with 61% of Australians sleeping on them each night.

King Bed Mattress

An Australian king size mattress is 203 cm long and 183 cm wide. With 21% of Australians using them, these mattresses are steadily growing in popularity for those looking for extra space and luxury in bed. Far less common is the super king bed mattress, which is 203 cm long and 203 wide. This provides an enormous amount of space but is only used by 1% of Australians. 

Premium Beds and Mattresses in the Darling Downs

From a wooden bed frame to an adjustable mattress, Rowes Furniture provides a great range of quality beds and mattresses for the Darling Downs community. Visit our store today in Toowoomba or contact us to enquire about our range.

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