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Sleeping Positions and Mattress Comfort in the Darling Downs

Sleeping Positions and Mattress Comfort: Finding the Ideal Match for a Pain-Free Morning in the Darling Downs 

Waking up tired and sore is no fun, but the best single, double, queen or king bed mattress can make all the difference. Rowes Furniture is proud to provide the Beds R Us and other respected brands adjustable bed range to residents across Darling Downs, QLD. Keep reading for our recommendations on finding the perfect match for your sleeping preferences and mattress comfort level.

Back Sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your back, your best bet is a firm foam single, double, queen or king bed mattress. The softer the mattress, the less spinal support, so you need some extra firmness to avoid soreness. A hybrid mattress with coils and foam may also work well for back sleeping as the firmer surface supports proper spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

While sleeping on your stomach may be comfortable to start, it can put stress on the spine and contribute to neck and back pain over time. If you sink into a too-soft mattress, you may be stiff when you wake up. That’s why it’s best to have a firm foam or hybrid single, double, queen or king bed mattress for stomach sleeping.

Side Sleepers

If you mostly sleep on your side, it is important to speak with one of Rowes bedding experts who can advise and test which mattress is the best to support your spine alignment.

Combination Sleepers

Last but not least, we have combination sleepers, who turn over throughout the night and change positions. If that sounds like you, a medium-firm adjustable bed should give you the right level of support. While memory foam makes it a bit harder to switch positions, hybrid mattresses are more responsive with layers of both foam comfort and innerspring support.

Shop for a New Single, Double, Queen or King Bed Mattress in the Darling Downs

Now that you know more about mattress selection, you can feel confident shopping for a new bed from Rowes Furniture in the Darling Downs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our single, double, queen or king bed mattress range.

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