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The Medical Benefits of Lift Chairs in Darling Downs

Lift chairs provide an excellent option for people living with disabilities or injuries to live a better quality of life at home. The team at Rowes Furniture has been providing these therapeutic chairs to the Darling Downs region for over 120 years. In this article, we explain what lift chairs are and outline some of the medical benefits a lift chair can have in your home. Contact us today and browse through our extensive range.

What Are Lift Chairs?

Lift chairs assist your ability to sit and stand by using a powerful lifting mechanism to raise the chair from its base. This allows you to stand and sit with greater stability, allowing you to raise the chair using a remote control for easier access.

What Are the Health Benefits of Lift Chairs?

If someone in your home lives with a disability or chronic injury, lift chairs can offer many benefits to help make their life easier.

Independence at Home

Lift Chairs offer you the ability to live at home with more independence. They may allow you to live without a carer and improve your quality of life.

Prevent Unnecessary Strain

Using a lift chair can prevent any accidental injuries, strains or fatigue by reducing the impact and weight of standing and sitting on your joints and legs.

Easy Maneuverability

You can easily maneuver a lift chair into various positions. This can help reduce the pain of someone who has a medical condition, such as back pain or arthritis.

Prevent Further Medical Complications

By taking off most of the load when sitting or standing, lift chairs prevent you from potentially exacerbating existing conditions and injuries.

Promote Better Health

Using a lift chair can provide therapeutic benefits, such as preventing pressure sores, promoting good circulation and improving posture by allowing the user to assume the optimal sitting position.

If you want to discover all the benefits of installing a lift chair in your Darling Downs home, Rowes Furniture can help. Contact us online today and speak with one of our friendly staff about improving your quality of life.

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