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Tips for Maintaining a Timber Table in the Darling Downs

There’s nothing quite like a quality timber table. The natural beauty they offer transforms the mood of a room and with the right care, they can last generations. At Rowes Furniture, we offer a range of Australian made dining tables and chairs made using premium timber. Below are some key care tips for timber furniture. 

Cleaning Tips

Wipe down your coffee table, dining table, wooden side table and other timber furniture with a clean damp cloth regularly to remove surface dust. Spillages are bound to occur at some point, whether it’s red wine at a dinner party or a glass of juice from one of the kids. Australian made dining chairs and tables vary in their type of finish and how timber responds to spills will depend on this finish. 

Natural oil finishes aren’t as resilient as those with polyurethane coatings. In either case, wipe any spillages off immediately with a damp cloth. Wipe in the direction of the grain rather than in circular motions. Avoid general household cleaning products that contain silicones and don’t allow liquid or damp cloths to stay in contact with timber surfaces for long.

Temperature Control

As a natural product, timber can move and breathe throughout its lifetime. This can happen inconsistently when exposed to temperature extremes. For example, a wooden side table that sits in front of a fireplace or air conditioner can shrink and warp due to moisture from the timber being drawn out. Direct sunlight can also cause uneven discolouration. 

If you’ve got Australian made dining tables and chairs, take care how and where you place them to minimise their exposure to sun, temperature and humidity. Try to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level in your home. Always protect timber from hot surfaces with placemats. Don’t conceal the tops of your furniture with glass covers as it can cause sweating and peeling of stain.

Australian Made Dining Chairs and Tables in the Darling Downs

At Rowes Furniture, we supply a huge range of premium timber furniture from our store in Toowoomba. Whether you’re looking for a wooden side table or a new dining set, you can count on our team for outstanding service including local delivery across the Darling Downs. Visit our store or contact us to find out more about timber furniture care. 

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