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When Should You Replace Your Bed in the Darling Downs, QLD?

Mattress Lifespan: When Should You Replace Your Bed for Optimal Sleep Health in the Darling Downs?

Rowes Furniture believes in good sleep, and our furniture experts are here to help you find the perfect single, double, queen or king bed mattress in the Darling Downs, QLD. We are often asked how often mattresses should be replaced, and we have a few recommendations to point you in the right direction. Check out our guide to optimal sleep health.

How Often Should Mattresses Be Replaced?

Generally, it’s best to replace mattresses every 6-8 years. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, it’s definitely seen better days and you deserve an upgraded sleeping surface, such as a Rowes adjustable bed. Even if it hasn’t been that long, there are some other signs to keep in mind when thinking about replacing your mattress, such as noisy springs, saggy sections or noticeable damage. If you notice significant wear and tear to your single, double, queen or king bed mattress, it’s time for an upgrade.

Another consideration is how long and deep your average night’s sleep is. If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, an old single, double, queen or king bed mattress may be to blame. If you feel more comfortable in a hotel bed or find your allergy or asthma symptoms have increased, then you may want to consider a replacement.

Why Is Mattress Replacement Important?

Whether you have a single, double, queen or king bed mattress, you deserve a comfortable and supportive spot to sleep. If your current mattress is affecting your sleep quality and you’re waking up tired or sore, then you may want to try something new. You may be pleasantly surprised by just how much of a difference a new adjustable bed makes to your overall sleep quality. And of course, sleep quality and physical/mental/emotional well-being go hand in hand, too.

Find the Best Adjustable Bed for Better Sleep Health in South QLD

Rowes Furniture proudly offers a range of trusted brands including Beds R Us mattresses in store and online. If you’re ready to replace your bed, please browse our fabulous selection of bedroom furniture and get in touch with any questions about single, double, queen or king bed mattress options and bed frames.

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