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Why Timber Furniture is the Best Choice in the Darling Downs

Timber furniture is timeless and beautiful. Each piece reflects the unique characteristics of the type of wood. The colour, grain, knots and veins all tell a story about the individual tree. At Rowes Furniture, we’ve supplied the Darling Downs regions with quality Australian made dining tables, chairs and bed bases since 1892. Here are some of the reasons why timber is the best choice for your home.


Australian made dining tables and chairs are built using premium timbers that are highly durable and robust. Natural oils allow it to age gracefully, even in harsh Australian climates. Timber furniture can last hundreds of years with the right care. There’s a good reason we’ve used timber for everything from building our homes to flooring, furniture, cabinets and benchtops. 

Unique Natural Beauty

Natural timber offers a wonderful degree of diversity, even within the same species. Natural variations in wood grain, porosity and the stain you choose allow you a huge range of choice in colour and shading in each piece of furniture. Timber is the ultimate choice for those looking for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind furniture piece.

Australian made dining chairs and tables are built using a range of different timber, including mango wood, redwoods, pine, acacia, railway wood and merbau timber. Each offers their own unique characteristics, with some aging elegantly over time. For example, merbau starts out yellowish-brown when first cut before aging into a deep brown, almost reddish hue. 


Timber furniture adds warmth, charm and homeliness to any room, whether opting for a lighter coloured wooden side table or a dining set with rich, dark hues. The overall look of any space is often enhanced by simply adding a piece of timber furniture. It can immediately add a sense of elegance to an otherwise sterile room. What’s best is that timber furniture looks great in almost any setting. Whether your interior design is rustic or contemporary, timber can elevate the look and feel of the space.

Premium Timber Furniture in the Darling Downs

Whether you’re looking for Australian made dining chairs, a wooden side table or a new dining set, Rowes Furniture are the trusted suppliers of premium timber furniture in the Darling Downs. Visit our store in Toowoomba or contact us to find out more about our range. 

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